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Party Shoes

It's almost Christmas and party season and School discos are approaching fast! Make sure you have the perfect Party Shoes to compliment your little ones outfit. And Party Shoes aren't just for girls, we have a range of smart yet edgy party shoes for boys too!

All available with 15% off over Halloween weekend from Friday 31st until midnight on Sunday 2nd November.

Camper Boys 80418-001

Brown leather with 3 Velcro straps. Rubber bumper sole unit.
  • £48.99
Style No.: 80418-001

Camper Boys Boots 90241-003

Brown leather. Lace up front with side zip fastening.
  • £60.99
Style No.: 90241-003

Ciao bimbi Girls Ballet Pump 3726

  • £81.99
Style No.: 3726

Ciao bimbi Girls Ballet Pump 3741

  • £81.99
Style No.: 3741

Ciao bimbi Girls Shoe 7095

  • £58.99
Style No.: 7095

Ciao bimbi Girls Shoe 7723

  • £56.99
Style No.: 7723

Geox Boys Trainers B3237A B LT Stark

  • £49.99
Style No.: B3237A B LT Stark

Geox Boys Trainers B3238S B S Flick

  • £45.99
Style No.: B3238S B S Flick

Geox Boys Trainers B34A4F B Vita

  • £47.99
Style No.: B34A4F B Vita

Geox Boys Trainers J Marlon

Navy and lime. Toe, heel and side bumpers. Branded Velcro strap fastening.
  • £45.99
Style No.: J Marlon

Geox Girls Ballet Pump J34BOJ J Piumabal

Also available in Dark Grey
  • £42.99
Style No.: J34BOJ J Piumabal

Geox Girls Ballet Pump J34BOK Piumabal

Rosé pink
  • £44.99
Style No.: J34BOK Piumabal

Geox Girls Ballet Pumps J52B0A

Available in Gold or Silver Leather
  • £57.99
Style No.: J52B0A
  • New

Girls Geox Shoes

Rose Gold Leather
  • £49.99
Style No.: J5455D

Lelli Kelly Girl's Shoe

  • £44.99
Style No.: LK9740/Magiche/ Bianco/ AA01

Lelli Kelly Girls Ballet Pump LK6554 Dance (purple)

Lelli Kelly Girls Studded Ballet Pump
  • £33.99
Style No.: LK6554 Dance (purple)

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoe

  • £44.99
Style No.: LK9740/ Magiche/ Rosa/ AC02

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoe LK5602 Princess Flat

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoe With Interchangeable Straps
  • £49.99
Style No.: LK5602 Princess Flat

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoe LK8120 Glitter Amy

  • £56.99
Style No.: LK8120 Glitter Amy
  • New

Lelli Kelly Girls Spring Shoe LK7158 Lacey Multi Fantasy

Multi Coloured, Floral Lelli Kelly Girls Spring/Summer Shoe
  • £52.99
Style No.: LK7158
  • New
  • Free gift

Lelli Kelly Girls Spring Shoes LK4732 Brilliant

Full sequinned shoe, main colour gold
  • £39.99
Style No.: LK4732 Brilliant
  • Free gift
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